Please choose the recovery software license below. All licenses are not time limited, you can run the reapair utility each time you want to recover corrupted  files.
  Licensing Info
Personal License for home users, it is can not be used for commercial purposes. Each Personal License should be used for each single user...eRepair Word Personal

For individuals who planning to use the software for own, non commercial purposes.

Business License for corporative, government environment. One Business License can be used by single user at one business object...eRepair Word Business

Is good for repair officers, technicians and other specialists to use the program in a business environment

Site License - limited by CPU quantity. It can be used on up to 100 computers of the same site. Virtual mashines are not allowed !eRepair Word Site

If you wish to use the eRepair Word utility on multiple computers (up to 100) at the same physical location, the Site license is for you.

RAR recovery tool can be downloaded worldwide and used to fix, recover damaged RAR archives. It is also distributed on the CD, delivery price is included. RAR eRepair demo displays all files which can be recovered, but it is not allow to save recovered data till register.

Recover damaged  Word documents using word repair utility for damaged MS Word files.

eRepair Word repairs word documents created by Microsoft Word of Word 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 formats. There is a risk, that your document will be damaged. Any user can damage his document by mistake, when forwarding *.doc file by email or within your local network. Even a minor damage may lead to impossibility to open the document, in this case, your text will be lost. Your document may be also infected by viruses. There are also a number of other causes, that may lead to the Word document corruption, such as physical damage of DVD, CD or a flash drive, where the Word file is stored. Please also take into consideration file system corruptions, operating system damage and failures in Microsoft Word text processor. Word recovery utility successfully reads and repairs data from all pages of corrupt MS Word file, which gets damaged due to: power loss, software crash, accidental system shutdown, virus attack, media corruption or when the word file shows errors like "file is not in a recognizable format", when you try to open the corrupted word file. Word recovery tool is working with damaged files and  fixes unreadable Word files of .rtf .doc, .docx, .dot, and .dotx extensions. Recovery module quick scans damaged file and shows all data that can be repaired and saved. You can inspect and evaluate the recovery result right away on the second page of the Word file repair software. The Word repair tool displays data to be repaired from corrupted Word file similar as it displayed in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word repair utility (Microsoft Word recovery tool) is easy to use, no need to read userís guide or contacting to support service. Word document repair procedure is represented can be performed in several steps, that can be done by any person, an easy and user friendly graphic interface is making this task much easier. It is an answer on questions: How to repair corrupted Word document? How to perform the Word file recovery? How looks the Word recovery procedure? How to extract data from broken Word document? The Answer is - it's easy.

Demo version allows to view what can be recovered and list the data of document. The program is distrabuted as try-before-buy, please download it and check whether it is possible to recover Word data. The full version of eRepairWord allows to save the repaired content of corrupted doc and docx files (export data to  Microsoft Word).

The Word fix utility is compatible with the following OS: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, file versions supported: 97, 2000, XP, 2002, 2003, 2007.

The program powered with clear, convenient and user friendly interface which makes the Word data recovery procedure comfortable and clear for users.

* The Microsoft Word is required to be installed.

The personal license is available for Only $27.

The latest version of our software can be downloaded from this site. The hard copy on the CD is also available for purchase. The price of CD delivery is included to a price of a CD package.

Click this to know more about RAR eRepair tool. The full description of RAR repair utility. Download Free RAR Recovery trial version. Try this out, demo version will show you all files being recovered with the full version.


eRepair Word do not modify, change any data of the damaged source Word file. The tool reads the corrupted Word content and exports recovered data to Microsoft Word program. The Microsoft Word installation is required. Please notice that it is unable to repair data from password protected (encrypted) files.
There you can find the set of users testimonials. Successfull stories of our customers about recover of RAR archive damages, oversized archive, data extraction from damaged files etc.

My Word file was corrupted by antiviral software.

My MS Word file was corrupted due to virus attack. Word reports the error that format of source file is unknown to Microsoft Word as this file is not in a recognizable format. I have checked out a few other doc repair programs but none came close to yours. It repairs the exact text without loss. Superb tool, the best on market.

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